GENESIS Tongue Brush


GENESIS Tongue Cleaner Brush is 100% original, BPA free, ultra soft bristle structure does not hurt your tongue . It reaches the deepest of the indented, cracked tissue in your tongue and causes the residues and organisms that cause bad odor to come to the surface.
With its flexible bristle structure and long handle, it can be easily extended anywhere including the root of your tongue .




After soaking your tongue with water or using (Spry Tongue Foam), gently brush your tongue out with the GENESIS Tongue Cleaner Brush. Then, with the scraper located at the end of the brush, reach the back part of your tongue as far as possible, peeling away the substances released on your tongue and rinse your mouth. Do not press your tongue too much during scrubbing and stripping, as this may cause damage to your tongue tissue.

If your gag reflex is too strong at the beginning, don’t leave your regular tongue cleaning habit. In this case, first clean the tip and middle parts of your tongue, as far as possible, as you get used to cleaning the back of your tongue as far as possible.

When it is time to replace your toothbrush, do not forget to replace your GENESIS Tongue Cleaner Brush every 2 to 3 months.